Research Articles

  • Meaningful Causal Aggregation and Paradoxical Confounding.
    Yuchen Zhu, Kailash Budhathoki, Jonas Kuebler, Dominik Janzing.
    CLeaR 2024

  • Causal Inference Under Treatment Measurement Error: A Non-parametric Instrumental Variable Approach.
    Yuchen Zhu, Limor Gultchin, Arthur Gretton, Matt Kusner, Ricardo Silva.
    UAI 2022 (Oral Presentation, 5% acceptance rate)

  • Causal Effect Estimation for Structured Treatments.
    Jean Kaddour, Yuchen Zhu, Qi Liu, Matt Kusner, Ricardo Silva.
    NeurIPS 2021

  • Proximal Causal Learning with Kernels: Two-Stage Estimation and Moment Restriction.
    Afsaneh Mastouri*, Yuchen Zhu*, Limor Gultchin, Anna Korba, Ricardo Silva, Matt Kusner, Arthur Gretton^, Krikamol Muandet^. (*, ^: The first and senior authors of this paper are ordered alphabetically.) ICML 2021